WordChains : Persons

A person name is probably what most un-poetical exists. Still, by connecting them and exploiting the context in which they appear they might originate meaningful chains where the perceiver would create not only a meaning, but even an interpretation and an esthetic stimulus. The name is there, on the screen, the context is drafted around the name, and the next step is the connection to another name, provided on the basis of some conception of the world.

In this project, we provocatively use the conception of the world of US diplomacy as emerging from the Cablegate Corpus released by WikiLeaks. Every mentioned person is associated with its contextual semantics, i.e. the characterization provided by all the cables in which the name appears. Then we visually navigate across person chains by exploiting their semantic similarity. We enhance the visual perception of this navigation by adding features such as background, character dimensions and font, animation etc, each feature being derived from a transposition of a language-rooted semantic facet to its visual correspondent.

The navigation starts with a person name being randomly picked up, and goes on until the chain comes to a death end (a person which has unseen connection only outside the Cablegate universe) or reverts to the original random person. At this point the performance of the artwork is over. Unless repeated infinitely.