The driver is war as perceived and incorporated by our society. In order to be grounded in our reality, we selected not a generic war at all, but a specific battle, Sirte’s one. We collect everything that has been said on news, on social networks, on media, and we pass it to the Semarillion. Semarillion detects all events and states as well as semantic relationships between actors such as victims, assailants, population, etc. It is a mixed emotional and objective representation of war, but it is too abstract to be perceivable in its inner sense. We want to build a representation out of this (un)ground truth. This is the visual part of the project, where actors are visually represented and connected by meaning, represented by word incarnation. The substitution of actors with their semantic visual representation confers abstractness to the artworks stemming from this series, which become world perceptions of war, not individual ones.