This page contains undisciplined works. We tried to be always coherent with our Manifesto, we even tried it hard. Then a small distraction, some glass of wine in excess, an inexcusable nostalgia of a ZX80 era, and OUCH, the Artist takes over and comes back with intimate inspiration, stone written non-generative works, unconstrained expressions.

In other words, this page contains works by members of the Colorless Green Ideas collective which in a way or another stubbornly refuse to obey one or more of our statements about artistic production. Why are they on this site? Evident: just to reward our little ego :-).

s^2 – Emocurves, 2009, NLP-based generation

(By Paolo Curtoni)

Sonetto in chiave di volte

(By Luca Dini)

Sonetto in chiave di volte

Mai non contasti il numero di volte
Che gira la chiave forse son quanto
Le mutazioni dietro un paravento
Di te di me di noi (le vite svolte)

Non è nella stessa acqua che non puoi
Bagnarti, è lei che non ritrova mai
Oltre la contingenza che hai o fai
Il genoma di te di me di noi 

Si parla d’una lunga passeggiata 
Insieme: ne di me di te  di noi 
Si tratta, ma giri in serie ordinata

Che poi s’apra sopra un’alba distorta
O resti chiusa per i cazzi suoi
Di te di me di noi è il lato che importa 

English translation by Google translate

Sonnet in the key of vaults

You never counted the number of times That maybe the key turns The mutations behind a screen Of you of me of us (the lives turned)

It is not in the same water that you cannot Get wet, it is she who never finds Beyond the contingency you have or do The genome of you of me of us

We talk about a long walk Together: neither of me of you of us It is, but runs in a neat series

Which then opens on a distorted dawn Or stay closed for your own business Of you of me of us is the side that matters